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Our story: 

groWise be Well Herbal Arts is founded on a non-dogmatic approach to herbalism that learns from and respects the diversity of folk medicine and herbal traditions from around the world. Our practices draw primarily from Western and eclectic herbalism but we are always learning. At ARA, we are transparent in our practices and ingredients, and in partnership with plants, are proud to bring you herbal products that are practical, effective, pure, and that show the utmost respect to these earth allies. 


Located on ABC Acres, an 80-acre permaculture farm and bee haven committed to biodiversity, beyond organic standards, and regenerative practices, GWBW is proud to grow many of the plants used in their products. 


Methods & Ingredients

The Plants

At GWBW, we use cultivated plants grown either here at ABC Acres, an 80-acre permaculture farm, or by organic growers we trust. While we support responsible wildcrafting on an individual level, we do not wildcraft or use wildcrafted plants for our products in order to minimize our impact on the environment. Wild plants growing in nature are important to the ecosystem and microenvironment, and harvesting the amounts needed for retail products may disrupt nature’s balance. 


The Ingredients

We only use ingredients that meet our rigorous standards of purity, efficacy, and sustainability. All essential oils are therapeutic-grade and primarily from Florihana or Aromatics International, while carrier oils, tallow, and beeswax are 100% natural, organic, and sustainably produced or harvested. 


The Methods

Love, intention, and attention permeate every step of the creation process. Made in-house and by hand in small batches, these are preparations we personally use and love. GWBW creations are Reiki-energized and infused with crystals that match and enhance the herbs.


After using herbs and essential oils for years with her own children, Sarah created GWBW's Herbal Arts to make plant power easy, fun, and accessible for families everywhere. Sarah is an energy healer, Reiki master, multidimensional warrior, and teacher of experiential transformation and healing. She has created an oasis for mystical beings and multidimensional travel through the construction of a manifestation portal on her family farm in Montana. Her path is to help raise the energetic frequency of humanity and adore her three boys. She loves her husband, chocolate, drinking coffee, and her Nubian goats (not necessarily in that order).



MacKenzie Brosious is a family, community & clinical herbalist, organic farmer, and lead herbalist at groWise be Well. Living in Montana, MacKenzie spends much of her time working with herbal allies and their energy. When not creating plant potions, you can find her riding her mountain bike, rock climbing, or simply taking a nap in the forest. 

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